How Much It Costs

You’ve recently launched or are a start-up. You might have a few clients or customers and are looking to start your business off in an organized and supported fashion.

Monthly Investment:

Starting at $250/month

You’re a growing company with an increasing customer base. Your company's needs are developing and you’re looking for personalized systems to help your growth continue.

Monthly Investment:

Starting at $525/month

You’re an established company with consistent clientele. You’re looking for in-depth processes and advice to stay on track for continuing your expansion.

Monthly Investment:

Starting at $1,100/month

What You Get

Meez Accounting offers fixed monthly fees based on the size of your business. There are no additional charges. That being said, if your business requires more-than-monthly bookkeeping, we are happy to work with you on a daily or weekly basis.

Your fixed monthly investment includes the following:

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